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IN DISCUSSING sex enlightenment for civilized youth, first of all definitions are needed.  What is meant by civilization? Is it what we have now, or what we are going to have some day? For the sake of convenience and clarity, it will here be assumed that what we have now is but an incipient civilization, and that it is only the future which can hold a rounded out, high-grade civilization.

We have then to try to picture what future sex enlightenment for young people should be, and, what is considerably more difficult, devise adequate ways for bridging the gap between the very messy present and the reasonably lovely by and by.

As for appraising the present, endless people are taking a hand in it. The weighing of hopes and fears regarding the younger generation, sexually considered, competed with the weather as a topic for banal comment. The welter of conflicting testimonies would indicate hopeless confusion, if we did not bear in mind that generalizations can neither be sound nor sweeping so long as we have to consider such a wide variety of young people, and the fact  that they are at many different stages of mental and emotional development. They may, at the present moment, dress more or less alike, use the same slang, and be subject to the same regimenting influences of the movies, the radio and most schools ; for fashions in clothes, language and habits spread over the whole country almost simultaneously. On the surface they may look as similar as soldiers, but underneath thy are quite diverse ; for these young folks are born of parents whose traditions and developments have been of vastly different sorts; and the children have correspondingly absorbed, during their most receptive childhood years, the powerful impressions chiefly unconscious ones, which affect their attitude toward sex matters throughout their whole lives. It is rare that these impressions are wholly altered, despite the later layers of acquired information–be it either the fine sort or the low variety. One does not have to line up as a partisan Freudian or a Watsonian to admit the lifelong effect of early impressions. Emphasis on the pervasive and enduring power of childhood concepts is common to practically all present-day psychologists.

The child of parents who have felt shame in regard to their own sex feelings or expression is often so permeated with this general sense of indecency that, is his later years, it is almost impossible for him to clear it entirely out from his consciousness, and make room for a fresh, wholesome, scientific, poetic, joyous realization of the sex side of life. And this persistent [thing]hang-over of early, dirty and disturbing impressions exists in children of greatly contrasting social environment. It is not limited to locality or status. It can be found equally in the child of the university professor, and the child of the village ne’er-do-well, the child of the social butterfly or of a dyed-in-the-wool reformer, and paradoxically, in the child of the pure as well as in the child of the obscene. In fact, it seems often to be the pure who most suffer from the obscene reminders of sex.[th?]

And conversely, the child whose parents are lovers who have dragged no weight of shame along with their love, but whose sex life has been untrammelled vigorous, sensitive, reciprocal and glad, unconsciously stores up in his mental and emotional being a sexual health of spirit that will beautifully see him through all manner of later experiences, which might easily otherwise pervert him sadly. This sort of child carries his own environment with him ; it protects him like an umbrella in a downpour.

These early influences are not absorbed via words alone ; they are potent from mere atmosphere, gesture, expression of face, and from the various subtle inferences from the attitude of the elders, which children inevitably make, as they live and learn in their first few years.

These influences can make or mar a child’s whole life attitude. They pave the way for a mean, uncomfortable, sordid, hectic reaction to the developments of the sex impulse in the adolescent years, or for a fine comprehending, sunlit attitude, which gives the power to grow into sex maturity with strength and beauty. Merely to prevent a child from observing gross sexual behavior, or hearing vulgar remarks about sex, or seeing salacious moving pictures and plays, or reading suggestive literature, by no means insures a wholesome mental and emotional sex attitude. It no more guarantees a fine inner feeling than does observation of the rules of etiquette guarantee true courtesy, the sort which is equal to all manner of occasions, in all phases of life, not merely those met in society

Without making any attempt at statistical accuracy, it seems evident that the present proportion of young people who have reached the later adolescent years, having grown into this much to be desired sex attitude, as a result of wholesomeness of heritage and environment, is relatively small. There is still an appalling mass of young people who are enmeshed in the wretched clutter of a stale and nasty undercurrent of sex thought and feeling, and who vibrate between ignorant fear and turgid allure. The points at which most audiences snicker, when certain sex suggestions appear in films and plays, strikingly reveal the volume and power of this undercurrent. For a long time yet this nervous tension, with its unmistakable symptom of guilty giggling, will grip at a great mass of the people, both young and old.

Perhaps the most striking type of young person, nowadays, is the one which has suddenly become modern enough to outgrow sex fear, and which has developed a bravado in reaching out for sex experience that makes the elders grasp and despair. These boys and girls are brazenly shouting from the housetops that human beings are animals just like other animals, and that sex expression should be taken as a matter of course when wanted (being of course sophisticated enough to prevent conception), and that all the moralistic fences so carefully erected by Madam Grundy, preachers, teachers and parents, are just so much old-fashioned rubbish. They are not only yelping noisily about freedom, but they are ostentatiously showing the world that they dare all sorts of exhibitionism which only a few years ago was rare enough to be extraordinary.

It is all very significant. They do protest too much. On analysis, it appears that the stridency and showing-off are mostly but a surface hardness which covers substantially the same old seething, unharmonized sense of sex, which beset the young people before they had become hard-boiled. They have shed the fears and some of the shame ; they have snatched at some of the outward aspects of freedom ; but they have grafted it on to a foundation which cannot nourish any deep roots, and which does not permit the fine flowering and full fruitage of balanced sex living.

It seems more than likely that most of the young folks who are in this stampede are those whose early impressions were of the miserable sort. They instinctively try to escape from those impressions, and without realizing that it cannot be done by merely superimposing a procedure that is largely negative in its nature. It does not do away with the effects of false and shameful feelings about sex simply to let raw sex impulse run wild. It is worth something, to be sure, to shed fear. But courage, unless grounded in impulses of validity and beauty, becomes a very doubtful asset. The bully and the daredevil have courage, but they are a nuisance to themselves and to others. They require an audience and are not happy even when they get it. Bravado is not joy. Granted that the old sex conventions are pretty thoroughly dessicated and even decayed, the mere superficial or ostentatious defiance of them does not produce the deeper satisfactions which belong to truly civilized sex life. Iconoclasm is not creation.

The young people who have had their sexual flings and have exhausted the stimulation from bragging about it, are still restless and dissatisfied. Some of them will never be anything else ; but for many of them there is a way out. It is not an instantaneous or effortless way, but is possible, provided they care enough, to clear out their minds and their feelings most of those old, mean notions of sex, and to replace them by an intelligent comprehension of what it means to make sex at least catch up with the other factors in civilization ; to realize that mere animalistic sex expressions has no more place in worth-while civilization than would mud-huts serve as modern homes, or barter in place of commerce, or the pack-horse in place of the automobile.

It is by no means easy for young people who have a  bad background of sex impressions to clean house and substitute for them a fine sense of beauty in sex life which is at once vigorous and lovely and harmoniously integrated with the rest of life. But it can be done, and when it is achieved, they will be all through with bravado. They will have dared to be animals, plus. And the plus opens a vista which goes on to a limitless horizon.

Daring to be an animal is probably, on the whole, a step ahead, even if distasteful demonstration has to go along with it, and one may well wish that all the prudes and inhibited puritanical folk{lore} could get at least that far on the read to discovering the true place of sex in well-evolved human life. But in proportion as the mental concepts and feelings become educated and balanced, that is, reeducated, the distasteful demonstrations will fade away, and the top-heavy, blatant sex consciousness will subside. It is not so much the quantity of sex consciousness that will change as the quality–to deprive humanity of a lively sex consciousness would be to rob it indeed–but the consciousness will play its powerful and legitimate part, without the sense of naughtiness, to put it mildly, which now bedevils so many young people. They will come to see the wide difference between the attitude of the girl who goes hipping along the street with her coat held tightly around the most purposefully(+) jiggling part of her anatomy, and the open-air girl who plays with gayety and bare-legged freedom in her swimming suit, or, presently, without it. Both girls may feel equally sex conscious,  but one feels wicked and the other feels happy. They will likewise differentiate between the boy who makes a smutty sexual appraisal of every girl he meets, and the boy who is able to link his natural sex susceptibility with the realization that a girl is more than simply a female. Both boys may be equally alive to the girl allure, but one feels nasty and the other just naturally stimulated.

In other words, sex concepts and emotions can be civilized. Obviously it is more easily achieved when the process begins in earliest childhood than with people whose mental and emotional trends are already established, and on a bad basis, and there is much to unlearn.(++)


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The Romantic Conception of Life

In a book on German Period Writers Robert Richards plans out an hierarchical polyglot of proof that ‘Goethe is not Darwin,’ but was a Romantic.
But what does that mean exactly; Romantic as versus Greceian, or Romantic versus Logician?

And which Goethe…
“Goethe the Thief?”
  Goethe the pusher, or
   goethe the Newton!

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Pewter Tubes

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Blame Beats Zenyatta From Out of the Middle Round…Saturday Night

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“Here’s The Apple; Eat The Cookie!”

)))))))))))))))))))))UNEASY8 MAC/PC(((((((((((((((((((((

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The Loyal Left

The Loyal Left Brain

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Visual Thesaurus


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